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Did you want to start a blog or a website but heard the terms SEO and SMO and went “huh?”. Ever since digital marketing took over the world these two words have been floating around everywhere. But don’t you worry because this article will not make you go “huh?” when you hear SEO and SMO next time.

What is SEO and SMO?

Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, is a digital marketing strategy which focuses on optimizing your website to get unpaid traffic from the search engine results page. Social Media Optimization, or SMO, is the use of a variety of outlets and communities to create publicity of a product or a service.

SEO and SMO are greatly interlinked even though they share their differences. Webpages or links shared and liked on social media helps in increasing the rank of the site in SEO since every like is considered to be a vote which improves ranking. SMO is the best way for new websites and blogs to draw visitors. This early success with social media can have a long-lasting effect on SEO rankings as well. Both SEO and SMO are used to increase traffic, improve site ranking, boost popularity and ultimately the success of the site.


How do they differ?

  • SEO makes your business recognizable
  • SEO allows increased traffic to your website.
  • SEO focuses on content readable by web crawlers.
  • SEO places major emphasis on keywords and meta description of HTML.
  • SEO doesn’t bring you potential customers.
  • SMO creates a path for marketing.
  • SMO focuses on building a concrete consumer base.
  • SMO focuses on content readable by human readers.
  • SMO focuses on spreading awareness about your products and services through sharing posts, links, tags and blogs.
  • SMO is consumer friendly and also allows access to get feedback.


Step-up your strategy!

So now you know what SEO and SMO mean and how similar yet different they are. But there might be a lingering doubt in your head “how do I use this to make my website more popular?”. Strategies! Your strategies must focus on growing your business and achieving expected results. Here's how:

  • Create engaging content - Cater to all generations, genders and ethnicity. More consumers = more popularity.
  • Engage - Interact with your customers, ask for their feedback and tweak some changes if necessary. Be like Anne Hathaway from The Intern.
  • Networking platform - Choose a social media platform that has eligible consumers. If you were to sell products on dying apps like WeChat or Google Plus (no longer active) not many people would be aware of it as opposed to if you advertise or share your products on Instagram or Twitter.


Both, SMO & SEO, operate in very different spheres, yet impact one another. Hence it is explainable why it is vital to know how they function. Now that you know the meaning, basic differences and a few strategies to improve your marketing skills, go ahead and start working on your blog!

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